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Vinita Patel

A girl Vinita Patel  [ 23 ] who belongs to a middle class family (don’t confuse it with the upper-middle class one). She is  a BE from a B Grade College of Bhopal  + MBA from Delhi, is basically from Small Town Called Betul in MP, Her Dad, Mr. Jay Betul is a Teacher in a Government School, Mom is working in local Post office as Clerk. 

She has 2 siblings sister Reena [ 21 ] doing BDS and brother Rohit [19 ] doing Engineering from a B Grade Engineering College of Bhopal. 

There is a girl named Shefali whom Parul met in her college and they became best friends. A girl named Deepti who was jealous of the position that Parul had. A teacher named Mr. Vipul Shah who guided Parul with Do’s and Don’t’s and gives her he confidence to beat the challenges of the life. 

Rahul [ 24] a guy from rich family of Sirsa working
in Delhi. Rahul did his MS from USA.
“Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.” -- Epictetus

May be Parul was unaware of this quotation but yes somewhere in her mind the things went this way only as if you want a good life then you have to struggle first and have to wait for the right time to let the things happen as she has seen her father and mother struggling with the life for their children. Her father was a teacher in the Navyug  School. When Parul was 20 yrs old she told her story about how her childhood was to her best friend Shefali and her story was like this:
Parul : I was 10 yrs old when my father had a big loss in a small owned “Patel Kirana store” shop and for the next 3 yrs he was a non earning member of our family until he decided to do some job and make a living rather than waiting for a life. But there was one thing he never lost and never will, it was Hope !!

Shefali: Oh my god! Than how the things went ? I mean what was the source of money in your house?
Parul : My mother was the sole earning member of the family; we were a family of 5 and middle class family. And the things which I and my siblings faced during that time was-
-- The teacher in my school always used to mark me for late payment of fees, 
-- I turned down birthday parties for the need to buy a gift, 
-- I was using the same bag for 4 years till it was completely unusable, using a non-dust rubber seemed a luxury and pencils were supposed to be used till I wasn't able to hold them, me and my sister used to share a sharpener, buying a good compass box was out of question,
-- Having different shoes for PT period was something that we couldn't afford, we couldn't buy a cycle so I learned cycling on my friend’s cycle, I didn't go out to play for the fear of getting hurt & requiring medical attention, 
-- School picnics were missed saying I was ill and the entire vacation was spent home watching TV or reading.
Shefali : (Had tears in her eyes now) God..That would have been such a tough time for you people. Alas!
Parul : True. There were two such occasions when there was no money left for food and that was the time when my father sold some jewelry for survival, which was the first time I saw my dad cry from the corner of my eye. But even at such times my dad never said NO to anything, he always gave me hope that someday he will get all those things that I want, buy me everything that he ever promised to get me and make-up for all the discomfort that he couldn't give me and my sister and brother.
My parents got us through the worst times of our lives; I only wish that I could ever match what they did for us!
You know what Shefali, I used to fill up my water bottle with the cold water in the summers so that when I reach home I can drink a sip of cold water and can offer it to my dad also (cried and smiled).
Shefali : Parul, now let me tell you something (smiles) “you are a girl with a pure heart like a crystal”. No one can match with what you are. You are the best that is why you are my best friend n I Love You (with a big smile on her face)
Now common.. give me a hug and a smile that makes you perfect.
(They hugged each other)
Parul : I would not have been here, at this place, with you people and in this college if my father and mother have not supported me with my studies. And get the inspiration to learn to study from my father as after suffering from loss in the business he starts studying and tried for a government job and see now he is having a secure job in a government school. I feel so proud that I am her daughter.
Shefali : You should be as parents are the people who make children. (smiles)
There were people in the college who feels jealous of Parul and the reasons were she was amongst the top ten students in the class, her dressing style was simple yet attractive. But these  kinds of people does not matter to her. Still you can not ignore the things every time, sometimes there are things that pinches you badly and this girl Deepti she can not get rid of her “making fun of others” habit. She teases Parul on each and every activity that she does. Sometimes while talking to her other friends she passes comment on Parul that “to live a good and the best life you need to have lot of money and not the decency in you” (and she laughs). Suddenly, Vipul Sir enters the classroom and she asks Parul to come to the rostrum.
Parul was in a shock hat why teacher is calling her there.
Sir : I request you all to have a seat.
(All the students of the class settles down)
(Parul was moving with the baby steps towards the rostrum)
Sir : Parul, I have been watching you from the past few days and I am upset with you.
Parul : (Murmured) Why Sir? What is the matter? Am I mistaken somewhere? If I am please correct me.
Sir : Yes, you are wrong at that places where I did not expect you to.
Parul : Sorry Sir. But please tell me what is my fault?
Sir: You need to build up enough dare in you so that you can answer people like Deepti on their faces.
Parul : this was my mistake. But Sir I feel that sometimes some things are meant to be ignored. This was the reason I never replied her back.
Sir to Deepti : See.. you need to learn a lot from her . If you think that your  bullshit is quite attracting than you are wrong.
Deepti : Whatever !  Who cares (and starts making faces)
Sir: True Deepti. Who cares about your attitude (laughs).
Parul I want to request one thing from you.
Parul : Sure Sir. ( with a relaxed smile on her face)
Sir: I want you to give a speech on “Hints for a better life”. Are you comfortable with it?
Parul : Sir now?
Sir: Don’t worry. Tomorrow I have one lecture with you so prepare your speech. I would like to listen to it positively by tomorrow.
Parul : (with confused expression n her face) Ok Sir. As you say.
Shefali to Parul : So Madam, get ready. It’s time to express your views of life. (winks at her with a smile on her face)
Parul : Yaa..but still shefali, I am confused that like how I’ll be able to summarize the life in a speech?

Shefali : I know can do that. All the best buddy.
Parul : Hmm..Thank you.
( Parul came back home from her classes)
Parul : Mumma ..Papa (shouts) Mumma ..Papa..listen to me..I need to tell you guys something.
Parents: Yes beta, we are here. Tell us. What happen?
Parul :There is one teacher in my school and he asked to give a speech tomorrow on “Hints for a better life”. I seriously don’t know what to write please help me.
Dad: Child, you have experienced so many things in your life try to collect those good and bad memories than you will be able to write . I know you can do it on your own.
Mother : Your father is right. At least give a try.
Parul :Ok..As you say (and went to her room)

Next morning, Second lecture is of Vipul Sir. So here she is in the class.
Sir : Good Morning class. How are you doing all?
Class students: Morning sir. We are doing fine.
Sir: So before starting with the class, Parul please come here and tell all of us what you have thought of on the topic which I have given you yesterday.
Parul : Sure Sir.
(Comes near by rostrum and starts speaking)
“  Hints for Life "

1.  It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose
     it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been
     missing until it arrives.

2. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best
    of everything they just make the most of everything that comes
    along their way.

3. A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck
    a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may
    heal and bless.

4. Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth,
    even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a
    smile to make a dark day seem bright            .
5. Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go,
    be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and
    one chance to do all the things you want to do.

6.  Always put yourself in the other's shoes. If you feel that it
    hurts you, it probably hurts the person too.
Thank you. I summarized my thoughts in these 6 sentences.
( Noise of Claps all around the class )
Sir: We are proud that in today’s world also we have some people like you. Good job. You can take your seat now.
Parul : Thank you Sir. (smiles)
Sir : “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, Your mind, Your story, Your vision.”  These are the words by Neil Gaiman and I want all of you remember these words for whole of your life. These are going to help you to be a better and the best person in your life. I hope all are listening to me. Right Deepti ?
Deepti : What? Ye…Yes Sir.
Now, a very fine day, the top 10 students of the class were asked to go for a “Eminent Leader Conference” which was supposed to be held at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh so Parul, Shefali and Deepti were also there in the list of the top 10 students. Shefali and Parul was very excited but Parul was much more excited for this conference as she was getting a chance to have an out with her friends without asking for money from her parents (as the college was sponsoring the conference for the toppers). 
(But who knows it was God who want Parul to go to Sanchi for the Conference. He has planned something more than the conference for her.)
All the packing things and little bit of shopping was going well. All the desired students reached the place with no chaos. All of them reached the conference place and all settled down for the conference which was supposed to be held. Suddenly some girl shouted ! Oh my god.. !! Rahul you..?? How come you are here? At this conference  ?
( Every one was looking for the girl who shouted, but Parul and Shefali burst out of laugh because it was none other than Deepti.)
Parul : God.. she has no sense of reacting at different places. Lol
Shefali : Yeah.. And see .. she is so much excited that she doesn’t know till now that what she has done. (laughs)
(Suddenly, after her excitement Deepti felt abashed as everyone was looking at her.)
Deepti : (With a low voice) Come Rahul, sit with me. Here is a seat.
Rahul : Ok. (With a abash smile on his face)
Deepti.. Are you sick? Nad seriously you haven’t change a bit in the last 6 yrs. Seriously. Today also don’t know what to speak and with which tone of voice LOL. (Laughs)
Deepti : Shut up Idiot. And tell me one thing when you came back from USA and you have been here?
Rahul : Well..I am done with my Masters degree from USA so I am here now. And I heard about this conference and I eagerly wanted to listen to an Indian leader so I am here. What about you?
Deepti : Our college gave us this opportunity.
Rahul : That’s good.
(Parul and Shefali was quietly listening to their conversation)
Shefali : Ohh.. now I came to know why some people were so much excited. (giggles)
Parul : Yeah.. me too (laughs)
Deepti : (Interrupted in between.) Please stop listening to us and mind your own business girls.
Parul : Sorry. We are minding our own business but why you are interfering in between ? (smiles)
Deepti : Ohh please.. Shut up Parul.
Parul :You too my dear.
Rahul to Shefali : Ohh my goodness.. !! Who was she?
Deepti : What has happened to you?
Rahul : Tell me please. Who was she? Her smile was amazing and the way of talking was just gorgeous, Miss gorgeous (winks)
Deepti : None of your business Rahul. I seriously don’t know what has happened to your taste.
Rahul : Huh..You so mean.
Deepti : Whatever. And please shut up now and listen to what he is addressing.
Addressor  :  A very Good afternoon to one and all present here and a very warm welcome. I want to present Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan an Indian political leader of the Bhartiya Janta Party.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan : A warm welcome to one and all present here. Today I am here to address you on the “Global Recession”.
Today, due to this global recession, it is a macroeconomics crisis. In last few years, unemployment has become a serious and top most problem in many part of the world. Also increased globalizations have put more employee job into risk. The under developing countries like India, China are facing their bad time. By reducing the demand for labor we can bring economic downturn, but it tends to increase the unemployment level in the formal sector and bring the wages charge down. It means the poverty rate is increasing and as well as the unemployment is also increases at the same rate. Such both effects try to tend the unemployment and poverty in formal economics.
When the economy is passing through in a recession scenario the GDP rate will be high. The goods, service and product demand would be low. When demand of the product would be low the consumer expenditure also will be low. When demand will be low the production will be low. It means less production less no employment required. It means a gap between supply and demand processes. Due this global recession all companies are very worried about the future thought out the world. They think they are also concerned whether they will be able to recruit and keep the best people to run their business. 
So, giving employment or keeping a person in a company for a long term is not in hands of the company but, I truly assure you I will try to give employment to as many people as possible (in a assiduous way).
(A hand raised. Can I ask you one question Rahul said)
Shivraj Singh Chouhan : Sure.
Rahul : Hi sir. I am Rahul Sharma and my question is a global recession has become a biggest threat to world? So what is the government doing so that this threat can be removed from the minds of the people?
(Parul and Shefali were impressed with the way he kept his view in front of a leader.)
Shivraj Singh Chouhan : You can not completely remove it Sir. The governments are trying their best to solve the crisis. They obviously don't have the intention to make it worse. But yes what I feel is all the countries need to come together to eradicate this global recession. We need to realize the importance of labor and must be willing to insure that all are able to participate in the creation of economic growth. Countries must work together and invest heavily in their own infrastructures, move away from uncontrolled military expenditure and horrible long wars. 
(And the discussion came to an end)
Thank you all. It was a nice time with you people. It feels good when you for conferences and the youth participated in it as you are the future leaders of this country.
( claps all around the hall.)
(People starts leaving the place but he thought in the mind of Rahul was Parul.)
Rahul and Deepti were fast friends so it was obvious that Deepti might not want Rahul to get interested in her rival i.e. Parul so everytime when Rahul talks about Parul, Deepti ignore the things by saying “she is not a match for you”, “she is a tacky girl” and much more. Bu 

Kritika Gupta